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Let's get Fluxable

Welcome to the official website of, by and for the Fluxability Project.

Light&Fast, Flexible/Accessible Linux

No blote, no obsessive minimalism

If you need to say no to GNOME&can't make it with Mate

After the better part of a year using a nice little netbook as my primary and often only computer I was more than convinced that a 1.6GHz Intel atom CPu and a gig of RAM was not the hardware to run the nice pretty search driven Linux graphical interfaces like Ubuntu's Unity, and the used to be ubiquitous gnome as well as one would like.

I have pretty much always avoided unnecesary multitasking, and shutdown desktops had me waiting too often. I suspect the added overhead of the
accessibility stack may be the straw that breaks the camel's back in many
cases, but user mileage can certainly vary, and other configurations might
feel sluggish as well.

To be fair there are alternatives like XFCE and LXDE that offer a level
of accessibility acceptible to some screenreader users, and Mate has done
better giving Gnome a run for its money in the race to be accessibility champ.
I reccomend Mate to many people; anyone who found Gnome2 their ideal GUI
for instance, and screenreader users with less than robust hardware.
In defense of gnome shell on average I fine it thrifty with RAM for what it is,
and not so greedy as one might think with CPu cycles either. It lacks a lot
when it comes to configurability however, and for supposedly being the leader
in Linux accessibility there are too many bugs that effect me in important time
wasting ways in each release I've tried.

The Origin Story