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Let's get Fluxable

Welcome to the official website of the Fluxability Project.

Free Downloads

About Our Downloads

Here is a place where coders and scripters of all levels and interests can share their work,
and hopefully users with diverse needs and interests can find something useful.
The only requirements for code to be posted here are that:

  1. The code works doing something useful or at least intertaining
  2. There are no known bugs that will damage a user's system or unexpectedly put data at risk
  3. Known bugs are listed on manpages or where no manpage exists in a README
  4. A brief description of the program or script is provided that may or may not be modified for use on this page
  5. Valid contact data is provided to and for the site admin(s)
  6. The software is not available in most major distros oficial repositories
Try and treat descriptions as if they were tweets or text messages. There is no hard limit on length, but hopefully they can stay under 200 chars with 140-150 being better. Clarity is important however, and we can probably help to condense a bit if need be.

We will do our best as site admins to insure a reasonable level of quality control, but
we are few and busy/distracted human beans

Free Software

Shell-scripts, CLI and GUI Apps, etc.