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Let's get Fluxable

Welcome to the official website of the Fluxability Project.

Who is the Fluxability Project?

It's B.H.'s Fault!

Burt Henry wrote the basic website, both content and the html itself.
Blame him for most of the shortcomings of either of these, and if you learn anything
from this site and or are inspired to use any or all of the fluxable stuph
available here, or contribute to the Fluxable project.
you can say thanks as well.

Many have provided ideas, inspiration, and/or bits of code
along the path that led to the inception of the fluxability project.
I'd like to especially thank:

Tony Sales, aka Dr. Bongo

This cat saw the need for a full-featured out of the box accessible Linux distro
and turned his idea in to reality in Vinux. He has shown many the value of mixing
some inspiration with a lot of perspiration and open ears, mind, and heart while he was giving us what continues to be one of the most reliable accessible opperating systems ever.

Storm Dragon

My buddy Storm sees something I needs or wants that's not yet in your
friendly neighborhood repo and scripts a solution and shares it with folks.
He also has a pretty cool little website, especially helpful to blinking pinguins.
Storm's web site

Chris B. and Kyle The past and present maintainers of the talking-arch images and contributers to other
valuable FOS projects who've always been ready to share their knowledge, ideas and some laughs.
Chris's website
Some of kyle's stuph

The vinux dev team and support group

Thanks to everyone who who contributes, and very special thanks to
Mo, Rob, Luke, Don, Willem, CJ, and D.R. for having shared
year in and year out with newbies to serious programmers making for the
best tech support group I know of.
The Vinux Project homepage
The Vinux support googlegroup